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Avocado Tree - Pinkerton

Persea americana ‘Pinkerton’


Type A Avocado. Self-pollinating, but Pinkerton is more reliant on having a cross-pollinator, which means it should be planted with a ‘B’ variety for good fruit set.

More dependent on a partner tree, so plant with Fuerte or Edranol.

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Pinkerton Avocado Tree for Sale

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, fibre and potassium. The Pinkerton variety is known for being highly productive with its green velvet skinned avo’s that have an exceptional flavour when eaten fresh or used in recipes! Notably small pips yield lots of edible interior goodness– perfect as guacamole or just eaten plain from hand (and there is no shortage of how much you can eat).

The sweet meaty texture makes this avocado one worth trying out if you haven’t yet tried them before. Not only delicious but money saving too! Forget about buying expensive avocados that are never ripe when you can grown them yourself!

The Pinkerton tree is small, almost dwarf, and easily trained to a single stem. The Pinkerton Avocado Tree is a highly recommended variety as it has consistent production, flavour, and manageable tree size. If you want to grow a smaller avocado tree, the Pinkerton Avocado Tree is a good choice for the backyard, provided you have a pollinating variety as it is more dependent on having a pollinating partner nearby. For optimal fruiting, plant with a Fuerte or Edranol Avocado Tree.

The Pinkerton Avocado starts flowering and cropping very soon after planting out and is capable of setting very big crops if B flower type avocados are planted close by.

Buy an Avocado Tree for an evergreen addition to your home. The Avocado Tree provides you with glossy green foliage, delicious fruit that can be used in salads or smoothies and fragrant blooms that smell like vanilla. Plus, it won’t take 10 years for delicious avocados! Our Avocado Trees have all been grafted which allows for fast growing trees that produce fruit within 3-5 years and often sooner!

Grow indoors or outdoors and enjoy a consistent supply of creamy avocados saving you a whole lot of money from store bought avo’s.

For information on how to care for your avocado tree, please refer to our Avocado Tree Care Guide

Additional information

Avocado Variety


Tree Age

2-3 years


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Avocado Tree - Pinkerton

Produces medium to large, elongated, pear-shaped fruit with a distinctive slender, definite neck. The skin is thick, rough and dark green when fully ripe but peels easily. The flesh is smooth, sweet and creamy with high oil content.
Harvest Time
Ripens from April till July – depending on local weather conditions.
Year to Bear
These are grafted trees so they can produce fruit in the first year of planting!
Growth Rate
Fast Growth Rate and reaches a height of 2m if left unpruned. Low and spreading (smallest of our varieties).
Container Friendly?
Yes but find an area that receives at least 4 to 6 hours of direct afternoon sunlight daily.


Sunny spot that gets between 4-8 hours of direct sun daily


A thorough watering once weekly is generally all your avocado needs, but they will look better if given a little extra love. While the roots prefer to stay on the dry side of things indoor plants need humidity and enjoy being misted daily with water during cooler months for best results!


Generally a hardy tree down to 0 degrees celsius. Young plants will need some protection from frost.

Pollination Info

All avocado tree varieties are either A or B type, but the difference lies in the pollination. To encourage a successful harvest and to give your avocados optimal development, it is best if at least one of these trees are planted nearby as well.

The Type A avocado female flower part will open at the same time as a Type B male flower on the other tree; this more than doubles your chance for successful pollination and fruit-set!

Type A Avocado. Self-pollinating, but Pinkerton is an ‘A’ type avocado, which means it should be planted with a ‘B’ variety for good fruit set.

More dependent on a partner tree, so plant with Fuerte or Edranol.

Planting & Care Guide

Avocado Trees boast a no-fuss maintenance, but proper care prepares them for a abundant life. Your tropical fruit will need frequent, deep waterings once a week, with enough time between waterings to let the soil dry out a bit.

Also, avoid fertilizing trees their first year, because fertilizer can burn the roots and cause damage.

For more information please see our Avocado Care Guide.