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Peach Tree - Kakamas

Prunus persica ‘Kakamas’


South Africa’s most popular peach!

The Kakamas Peach Tree is a clingstone peach variety also known as Oom Sarel.

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Peach Tree for Sale – Oom Sarel / Kakamas

What a different taste a tree-ripened peach has, compared to the hard, sour ones from the store. That difference is why most of us who grow fruits in our home gardens want very much to include some peach trees. They’re attractive in landscapes as well, beginning with their early-spring pink flowers on the bare branches. The leaves are long and drooping, like a wide willow leaf.

Peach trees are a popular fruit tree to have in your garden. Our Peach Trees for sale are not only beautiful but also produce delicious, juicy peaches that can be eaten fresh or made into tasty peach preserves.

Rich, deep and dark yellow peaches that turn into a refreshing light and sticky fruit just when you’re searching for more. You can find yourself in the thick of summer with one bite! Just think of these juicy slices gracing your home-made ice cream sundaes or baked into decadent pies; the possibilities are endless.

Oom Sarel remains South Africa’s favourite yellow clingstone peach with its large, fat and round fruits which turn golden yellow when ripe. The skin is smooth and hairy and the flesh is dark yellow and very tasty, with a fine, yet firm texture. Finally—a treat to beat this heat.

The ‘Kakamas’ peach tree is an easy to grow fruit, providing both ornamental beauty and shade for your garden. The yellow fleshy stones are also full of flavour with no bitterness like many other varieties. This cultivar belongs the clingstone group meaning that its velvety texture will “cling” around their hard stone core. Early spring sees pink blossoms and in the summertime it brings sweet juicy peaches; harvest them when soft to the touch so you can enjoy these perfect snacks straight away.

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Peach Variety


Tree Age

2-3 years


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Peach Tree - Kakamas

Yellow Clingstone Peach – large round peaches that turn golden yellow when ripe. Skin is smooth and hairy. The flesh is dark yellow and very tasty. The texture is fine, firm and non-melting.
Harvest Time
Summer harvest – trees flower in mid September and peaches ripen mid December to February
Year to Bear
These are grafted trees so they can produce fruit in the first year of planting!
Growth Rate
Fast growing! Peach trees generally grow into medium sized trees. If peach trees are pruned back they can grown up to 4 m tall with a nice even spread.
Container Friendly?
Peach trees have been known to grow well in large containers.


The Kakamas Peach Tree grows best in full sun (at least six hours of sunlight per day). Although they can tolerate some shade, they produce better in full sun.


Moderate watering. Water once a week by leaving the hose pipe at the base of the tree for several minutes.


Half-hardy tree down to 0 degrees celsius. Young plants will need some protection from frost. Trees grow best in cold winters and hot summer climates.

Pollination Info

Most Peach Trees and their cousins are self-fertile and don’t need a partner to produce fruit; in most cases you can plant a single tree. The flowers’ pollinators love the nectar and pollen found inside their petals, which makes growing peaches easy!

Although most peach trees are self-fertile, they’ll have a heavier fruit set if they’re pollinated by another cultivar, so consider planting more than one.

Planting & Care Guide

Plant your Kakamas Peach Tree in well-drained soil and make sure it will receive full sun (at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day). Protect your Peach Tree from heavy winds by planting on the sunniest side of a building or your home.

When planting, loosen the soil and make sure to dig a hole roughly 1-1.5m wide and just as deep. Then, place your peach tree and cover the roots with soil, watering occasionally as you go along to remove any air pockets. Finally, gently pat the soil down until the roots are completely covered.

Peach trees are not too finicky about the soil type although they do prefer slightly acidic soil.