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Fig Tree - Adam

Ficus carica


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Additional information

Fig Variety


Tree Age

2-3 years


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Fig Tree - Adam

Harvest Time
Year to Bear
Fig trees begin production at a very young age. They usually begin producing during the first year of growth or soon thereafter.
Growth Rate
Fast Growing. Can reach a height of 4-5m if left unpruned and spread outwards. Don’t plant too close to other trees.
Container Friendly?
Fig trees grow large, but can be pruned with few issues for the tree. For this reason, almost any fig variety can be container-grown, if the gardener is prepared to keep it pruned.


Fig trees need full sun for optimal growth and production.



Pollination Info

Common fig trees – the figs that do well in the much of the temperate regions of the world – do not require pollination to set fruit.

Planting & Care Guide